Gino Bianco
22/7/1916 - 17/1/1983

Started competing in hill climbs in Brazil in the early 1950s. Travelled to Europe in 1952, racing in four Grand Prix.

Gino Bianco died 37 years ago, he was 67


Born Luigi Emilio Rodolfo Bertetti Bianco in Turin, Italy. He moved to Brazil when still a child, aged 12.

He gained a foothold in motor sport as a mechanic, but soon began driving in local hill-climbs, where one of his best successes came in the Gavea event of 1951 in a Maserati.

With the patronage of Eitel Cantoni he was one of the Escuderia Bandeirantes squad who ventured to Europe in 1952 where he took part in four Grand Prix, his only finish being 18th at the 1952 British Grand Prix.

He returned to Brazil and raced in 1953 at national level, but little is known about his subsequent whereabouts or activities, even in his country of adoption.

He died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1984
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