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Arthur Chevrolet
Arthur Chevrolet

25 / 4 / 1884
16 / 4 / 1946

One of the three Chevrolet brothers. Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel, Switzerland, later moved to the US & took out citizenship.

Arthur was the middle brother of Louis (1878-1941) and Gaston Chevrolet (1892-1920). After brother Louis emigrated to America and earned enough money, he sent for Gaston and Arthur to join him. Once there, Arthur worked as an automotive mechanic and started racing with his brother.

In 1911, he raced in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 but went out after 30 laps when his Buick developed mechanical problems.

In 1916, Arthur became a partner with his brothers in the Frontenac Motor Corporation. Driving a Frontenac, he qualified for the Indianapolis 500 again in 1916, but was forced out after 35 laps when the car developed magneto problems.

His driving career ended during practise for the 1920 Indianapolis 500 when he was severely injured in a crash. Gaston went on to win the race.

A few months later Gaston was killed when he crashed on lap 146 of a race at the Los Angeles Speedway board track in Beverly Hills, California.

In 1929 Louis and Arthur Chevrolet left the auto business altogether to form the Chevrolet Brothers Aircraft Company with a new engine design but they could not make a go of the business and it was eventually taken over by investors.

Arthur Chevrolet then began building sprint type race cars and became one of the pioneer leaders in that field. In 1990, his efforts were recognized when he was named to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum.

Eventually Arthur Chevrolet retired to Slidell, Louisiana where, suffering from depression, he committed suicide by hanging in 1946.