Born on this day (30th - March)

Manuel de Teffé

1905 - 1967

Rudolf Krause

1907 - 1987

Peter Hirt

1910 - 1992

Robert O'Brien

1922 - 1997


Eddie Jordan


Mike Thackwell


Stéphane Ortelli


Fabrizio de Simone


Chris Trickle

1972 - 1998

Died on this day (30th - March)

Lucien Bianchi

1934 - 1969

Yves Giraud-Cabantous

1904 - 1973

Bill Hamilton

1899 - 1978

Kenneth Douglas Evans

1912 - 1985

David Leslie

1953 - 2008

Richard Lloyd

1945 - 2008

Jackie Pretorius

1934 - 2009

Consalvo Sanesi
Consalvo Sanesi

28 / 3 / 1911
28 / 7 / 1998
Sanesi's main role at Alfa Romeo was as a test driver, but he was also given numerous opportunities to drive the superb Tipo 158/159 series cars in races. In 1946, he won his heat and finished third in the Milan GP, while in 1947 he was second to Varzi at Bari and third in the Italian GP held at Sempione Park after claiming pole position. The following year saw Consalvo take second place in the French GP and third with fastest lap at the Monza Autodrome GP. In 1949 Alfa Corse did not compete in Formula 1, though Sanesi finished second in the touring car class in the Mille Miglia with an Alfa, and when the team returned in 1950 he drove in only one Grand Prix but won the Coppa Inter Europa sports car race at Monza. Consalvo had his most active Grand Prix season in 1951, scoring points in two of his four starts, but after Alfa's withdrawal from Grand Prix racing at the end of the year, he concentrated fully on sports cars, winning his class in the 1954 Carrera Panamericana. A testing accident later that year with the Disco Volante left him with serious injuries, but he returned to competition in 1955, taking second place in the Verminico hill-climb with a 1.9 Alfa. He raced on in sports cars to the mid-1960s.

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