South African Grand Prix won by Jim Clarkin a Lotus-Climax.

10th South African Grand Prix. For the 1963 season finale, the teams assembled in South Africa once more. Clark was determined to destroy the memory of last years failure and set about the task with a vengeance. He began the race in his customary pole position and never let go of the lead. Only Gurney in the Brabham was close to him, and he was a full minute adrift. Both men had lapped the field during their run through a drama-free race. This race marks out Clark as the man to beat, having finished the championship with a total of 54 points. His closest rivals, Hill and Ginther were tied on 29 points. He also obtained the constructors cup for Chapman's Lotus team. Over the next two years Clark would continue to dominate the sport in a manner that would mark him out as the best driver of the decade, and one of the greatest to ever compete within the field of motorsport.

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