Walt Brown

Walt Brown

30/12/1911 - 29/7/1951

Walt Brown competed at Indy in 1950 and 1951. He died in the warm up for a sprint car race at the Williams Grove Speedway on "Black Sunday", the 29th July 1951.

Walt Brown competed in the Indy 500 on two occasions, 1950 and 1951.

Walt was warming up his ill-handling "Jack Robbins Special" at the Williams Grove Speedway in Pennsylvania when the car went into a slow roll in the 2nd turn. He suffered critical injuries and died soon after arriving at Carlisle Hospital. The car had previosly been driven to victory in the 1941 Indianapolis 500 by Floyd Davis and Mauri Rose.

On the same Sunday there were two other fatalities in a AAA Sprint Cars race at Winchester Speedway, Indiana. Cecil Green and Bill Mackey both lost their lives in separate incidents. In the USA the 29th July 1951 became known as racing's "Black Sunday".


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