Charlie Kovacs

Charlie Kovacs


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With a toothy grin and moustache combination you couldn’t jump over, Charlie Kovacs is indeed a colourful character. The proud South Aussie has been racing a myriad of different Motorsport missiles over more time than he cares to remember including of course his most famous weapon of choice to date – the RED Express Deliveries V8 ute. Kovacs – known as “Handlebars” because of his enormous and stylish moustache which makes Aussie fast bowling legend Merv Hughes look positively pre-pubescent – is nothing if not an eccentric race track identity. His casual demeanor of track often belies his on-track manner – one of all business. Charlie’s not scared to rub a panel or two if ‘one of the kids’ in the ute paddock wants to play it that way, but he’s better known for his hilarious Biggles helmet, cigar smoking and red wine sipping than he is as a rough and ready bump and run type. In a field chock full of larger than life personalities “Handlebars” still manages to stand out from a flock of standouts – and command more than his share of TV exposure.

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