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1864 - 1922

1893 - 1928

Leon Duray

1894 - 1956

Willi Seibel

1896 - 1977

1910 - 1969

1912 - 1946

Duncan Hamilton

1920 - 1994

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Gil Nickel

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Darren Manning


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Roland Ratzenberger

1962 - 1994

Peter Bourne

1956 - 2003

Kevin Cogan
Kevin Cogan

31 / 3 / 1956
Was a front runner in the North-American Formula Atlantic championship. His form got he a drive in a private Williams for Canadian Grand Prix of 1980 He failed to qualify. The following year he managed to get a works drive with Tyrrell but after failing to qualify again, this time at the US GP West of 1981, he was fired. He then moved to Indy cars in 1982 but his career was cut short by a series of accidents. Cogan sat on the middle of the front row at the 1982 Indianapolis 500. On the warm-up lap his car would swirve out of control and ram into the car of Mario Andretti. Andretti was furious about the accident and yelled back at Cogan, "This is what happens when children start the Indianapolis 500". The ironic thing is that two years later, Andretti's own son Michael would start in his first Indianapolis 500. Four years later, Cogan would finish second in the 1986 Indianapolis 500. He actually had the lead late in the race, but a yellow flag came out allowing the drivers behind him to catch up. When the race resumed, eventual winner Bobby Rahal would pass him. In his 12 seasons of Indy cars, he only won one trophy (Phoenix 86) and a second place at the Indy 500 in 86. He retired at the end of 1993, a career noticable more for the number of accidents than anything else.

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