Born on this day (26th - April)

Edgar Morawitz

1892 - 1945

Francois Picard

1921 - 1996

Pat Griffith

1925 - 1980

Jean-Pierre Beltoise

1937 - 2015

Gus Hutchison


Ian Geoghegan

1939 - 2003

Tom Jones

1943 - 2015

Jose Dolhem

1944 - 1988

Johnny Dumfries


Tim Sugden


James Thompson


Died on this day (26th - April)

Willi Krakau

1911 - 1995

1937 - 2002

Danny Kladis

1917 - 2009

Larry Crockett
Larry Crockett

23 / 10 / 1926
20 / 3 / 1955
Crockett was Rookie of the Year at Indy in 1954 and was on his way to being one of the premier drivers of that era when was killed in a sprint car race at Langhorne the following year.

Larry Crockett was born in Cambridge City, Indiana, United States. Nicknamed "Crash" because of frequent racing mishaps during his early career. He drove for Dan Wall at tracks like the old Columbus Speedway and soon lost his sobriquet, manoeuvring smoothly through the turns while other drivers seemed to be constantly fighting the steering wheel.

Larry Crockett, who also drove for Lowell Walls, qualified 25th for his first Indianapolis 500 in 1954. Driving the Federal Engineering Special Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser, he finished ninth, picking up Rookie-of-the-Year honors.

He was on his way to being one of the premier drivers of that era when he was tragically killed driving an Eagle Offy in the AAA Eastern Inaugural Sweepstakes sprint car race at the Langhorne (PA) Speedway the following spring.

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