Piero Drogo

Piero Drogo

8/8/1926 - 28/4/1973

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Drogo raced extensively on the South American continent in sports cars and saloons. He took seventh in the 1956 Venezuelan GP at Caracas, and in 1957 won his class with a Ferrari Testa Rossa in the Buenos Aires 1000 Km. Fourth place overall in the same event a year later encouraged Piero to head for Europe to try his luck, but his first visit to Le Mans ended in disappointment when the car was eliminated in an accident. Basing himself in Italy, he ran out of money in 1959 and found employment as a mechanic for Stanguellini to keep body and soul together. His chance to race in a Grand Prix came when he was invited to help fill the grid for the 1960 Italian event which was subject to a boycott by the British teams. Subsequently he formed Carrozzeria Sportscars in the early sixties which produced a number of re-bodied Ferraris known because of their square backs as 'breadvans', as well as producing the bodies for the lovely P-type Ferrari's. Drogo lost his life in a road accident in 1972 when his car ploughed into the back of an unlit truck which had broken down in a tunnel.

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