Cuth Harrison

Cuth Harrison

6/7/1906 - 21/1/1981

T C (Cuth) Harrison was an extremely enthusiastic amateur driver who raced an ERA C-Type  mainly in national events, where his duels with Bob Gerard were lively indeed, but also occasionally on the Continent, finishing sixth in the 1949 Italian Grand Prix. The 1950 season, his last with the car, brought no success in Grands Prix, but he did finish second in the British Empire Trophy in the Isle of Man, before concentrating on his thriving garage business in Sheffield and returning to trials with an 1172 cc Harford, with which he was the 1952 RAC champion. His name is still widely seen today, particularly in the north of England, due to that now ultra-successful car dealership he began developing in the 1950s.

(c) 'Who is Who' by Steve Small, 2000

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