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Carlos Menditeguy
Carlos Menditeguy

10 / 8 / 1915
28 / 4 / 1973
Carlos Menditeguy, born in Buenos Aires, was a Formula One driver and one of the top six Polo players in the world.

Carlos Menditeguy was born in Buenos Aires. He was a Formula One driver and one of the top six Polo players in the world.

Menditeguy impressed at the 1951 Peron Cup races with his performances in an Alfa Romeo and raced regularly in the Argentinian Grand Prix and the Buenos Aires Libre races. He occasionally made the trip to Europe on the back of the Fangio/Gonzalez bandwagon of the early 1950s, but never completed a full season.

In 1956 Menditeguy led the Grand Prix until, missing a gear, he broke the car's half-shaft and slid the Maserati into a fence. Another fine drive in the Mendoza GP yielded only fourth place after low oil pressure had blunted his challenge, but he did share the winning Maserati sports car with Moss in the Buenos Aires 1000 Km.

Notoriously hard on his machinery, he did manage to keep it together in 1957 to take a third behind Juan-Manuel Fangio and Jean Behra in his home Grand Prix. All were driving Maserati 250F's.

This performance persuaded Maserati to give him an opportunity to race in Europe. He felt that he was given ill prepared machinery while Maserati felt that he was too hard on the cars. Whatever the truth, he returned to Argentina mid-season in disgust.

In 1958 he shared Godia's Maserati to take third place in the Buenos Aires City GP, and in 1960, in the last Argentine Grand Prix for more than a decade, showed his talent had not deserted him by taking a Centro Sud Cooper into fourth place.

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