Born on this day (28th - March)

1897 - 1974

1908 - 1963

Consalvo Sanesi

1911 - 1998


Hubert Hahne


Charles Ates


Jean-François Piot

1938 - 1980

Tony Brise

1952 - 1975

Died on this day (28th - March)

William H Pitt

1925 - 1992

Jean-Marie Balestre

1921 - 2008

Gene Hartley
Gene Hartley

28 / 1 / 1926
13 / 3 / 1994
The 1959 USAC Midget Champion was the son of famous midget driver, Ted Hartley, who competed in midgets into his 60s. 'Auto racing is all Ive ever known,' Gene once remarked during an interview at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he raced in ten 500 Mile Races. His candid attitude that he might have been just as happy in some other field made some wonder how tough he would have been to beat if he ever got serious. Gene is 8th in career wins in USAC midget competition with 33 feature victories. His best finish in the 500 Mile Race was 10th in 1957 and he placed 11th on three occasions. After retiring from driving, he joined Leroy Warriner as a co-promoter of the Kitley Avenue Speedrome in Indianapolis and continued the tradition of presenting midget racing at the track which was specifically built for the small cars. Gene Hartley died on March 13, 1994 at the age of 68.

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