Michael John Coombe

Michael John Coombe


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Michael Coombe started club racing in 1962 with an Elva Courier. He raced an ex workks Le Mans Sunbeam Alpine in 1963. In 1964 he purchased an ex-works sunbeam Tiger Rally car (AHP 295B) which was converted to Modified Sports Racing with a Ford 289 Cobra race engine. Raced this in club and national events 1964-67. In 1968/69 he raced a lightweight Lotus Elva in National and International events. He also raced in the first year of Formula 5000 in 1969 with a Cooper T66 Ford. In 1970 Michael raced a Porsche 906 Carerra (ex Bill Bradey) in International 500 and 1000km events. In 1971 raced a Lola T70 Mk3B in 1000km races and Interserie Championship. In 1972/3 he built his own March 3ltr DFV prototype for 1000km races and Interserie. Michael Coombe retired from racing in 1973.


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