Round 5 Tasman series, Surfers Paradise, Australia. Won by Jim Clark in a Lotus 49-Ford

Jim Clark drove his Lotus 49-Ford to victory in round 5 of the Tasman series, a 100 mile race at Surfers Paradise International Motor Circuit. Practice the day before was marred by confusion over on car advertisements and overseas driver's permits. The Australian sanctioning body (CAMS) did not yet allow advertising to appear on the cars. This had not been a problem in the New Zealand rounds as New Zealand's sanctioning body was affiliated with England's RAC, which had recently approved advertising and did not require permits where as the Australian governing body was directly affiliated with the FIA. Lotus and BRM did not conform to the advert rule and, as such, weren't allowed to compete in the 10 lap preliminary event (the gates to grid were locked to them!). Chris Amon won the prelim comfortably over Frank Gardner. The permit problem was resolved by fining drivers $50 and regulations were modified to allow existing advertising. Clark won the start, despite Pedro Rodriguez rolling forward about a length and a half a second or two before the flag fell. Clark led teammate Graham Hill and series point leader Chris Amon away from the line. On the second corner, Piers Courage grabbed the wrong gear, falling from 3rd to 9th in his F2 McLaren-Cosworth. Richard Attwood, replacing Bruce McLaren in one of the BRM V12s, retired on lap 5. Amon had passed Hill for 2nd, and on lap 9, put his Ferrari V6 Dino into the lead when Clark briefly slid onto the grass, but Clark was back out front 2 laps later. On lap 16, Courage moved past Hill into 3rd. Amon stayed close to Clark, but on lap 22, came into the pits and retired with a blown head gasket. At almost the same time, Gardner's Brabham-Alfa came in overheating. Courage spun wildly on the 26th lap, dropping to 5th behind Hill and Leo Geoghegan. Rodriguez pitted his BRM V12 with fuel trouble and Gardner returned hoping to salvage a finish. Geoghegan outbraked Hill on lap 33 only to have Hill regain the spot a lap later. 5 laps later, Courage got by Geoghegan's unique Repco powered Lotus 39. Suffering from a week long gastric attack, Geoghegan fell further back and Clark went on to cross the finish line 6.4 seconds ahead of teammate Hill with Courage 3rd and Geoghegan 4th. Amon's point lead was down to 3 over Clark with 3 rounds to go. It was Clark's 12th career win in Tasman Cup races.

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