Talmadge Prince

Talmadge Prince

16/2/1938 - 19/2/1970

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NASCAR rookie Talmadge Prince was a car dealer from Dublin, Georgia. He had raced sprint cars and late model sportsman cars for ten years. In the first of the two Daytona 500 Qualifiers, Cale Yarborough won with an average speed of 183.295 mph, the fastest race ever run anywhere up to that date. No times were set in the second qualifier, because of the crash that took Talmadge Prince's life. When his engine blew up the oil got on his rear wheels caused him to go into a slide. Bill Seifert, who was following Prince also got into the oil and was unable to avoid hitting Prince's car on the driver's door. Prince was killed instantly. Seifert was hospitalised with a concussion and bruises. A third driver caught up in the crash, Johnny Halford of Spartanburg, South Carolina, escaped injury.

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