Bronte Rundle

Bronte Rundle


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Bronte Rundle won the Australian Formula 2 Championship in 1996 as a driver. Australian Formula 2 was a category that contained aluminium monocoque Formula 3 cars with full-race 1600cc Volkswagon Golf engines. He is the Australian Formula 3 Association Chairman and has been instrumental in bringing Australian single seater racing more inline with their European counterparts. In 1999 he formed his owm team BRM. Team BRMs tradition for success was started right from the word go, Bronte Rundle finishing a close 2nd in the teams first ever Formula 3 race with his son Mark finishing 4th in what was one of his first drives in a race car with wings and slicks. The success has continued to flow since the teams first ever race on a cold and blustery day at Mallala in May 1999, taking the Australian Formula 3 championship with James Manderson in 2002 and with new British Formula 3 driver Karl Reindler in 2004. Team BRM has had at least one car on the podium in almost a third of the Australian F3 races to date. Seven different drivers have represented team BRM on the top step of the podium, including Darren Palmer with six wins, James Manderson, six wins and Karl Reindler with five wins. Eleven Different drivers have represented Team BRM on the podium since the teams inception in 1999, some of them still amongst the best and brightest names in Australian Open Wheel racing. Team BRM owner Bronte Rundle, who competed for the team in their very first season, said that it was a landmark weekend for the Adelaide based operation.

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