Perry Grimm

Perry Grimm

19/2/1914 - 11/9/1971

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Grimm was one of the barnstorming drivers of the early days of midget auto racing who appeared all over the country and raced where the money was. In 1941 he won the Toledo, Ohio Fort Miami Speedway track Championship. In 1945 he captured the Toledo title again and then won the famous Turkey Night Grand Prix at Gilmore Stadium in 1946. He repeated as the winner of the Turkey Night classic in 1949 and won the Pacific Coast Midget title as well. His third-place finish at New York's Roosevelt Raceway open competition show in 1939 is still talked about as he drove the last 55 miles of the 150-miler with a flat tire. That race was watched by a crowd of 61,256. He passed his drivers test for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race in 1952 but never earned a spot in the starting field. Died from a heart attack in 1971.

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