Born on this day (22nd - May)

Gus Schrader

1895 - 1941

Alex von Falkenhausen

1907 - 1989

Joe Barzda

1915 - 1993

Sergio Mantovani

1929 - 2001

Bobby Johns


Pedro Diniz


Died on this day (22nd - May)

1881 - 1913

On this day
23 / 2 / 1958
Daytona Beach, Florida. The last race held on the Daytona beach & road course was won by Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith survived a duel with Curtis Turner and a missed turn on the last lap to win the last race held on the Daytona beach & road course. Goldsmith and Turner had a tremendous duel until 9 laps to go when Turner spun after being trapped behind a lapped car. Turner's spin gave Goldsmith a 10 second lead, but with his windshield wipers not working, Goldsmith drove past the North turn on the final lap and continued up the beach. He made a quick 180 and beat Turner to the line by 5 car lengths. The former Motorcycle champ & Indy 500 veteran was driving Smokey Yunick's Pontiac.