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Dempsey Wilson

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George Weaver
George Weaver

3 / 3 / 1911
28 / 2 / 1970
He was one of the founding fathers of the SCCA. He helped organize the SCCA's first speed event in Thompson in 1945 and in 1952 he designed and built the Thompson Raceway. Drove a ratty old 1936 Maserati A6GCS called Poison Lil, which was a crowd favorite of early racing at Watkins Glen. George won the ARCA driver's championship in 1939. The powerful V-8, 4.8-liter engined car was driven by Weaver in the 1948 inaugural race in Watkins Glen. Weaver led the first lap of the race, as he would every year on the original course through 1952. In 1949 he led the Seneca Cup from start to finish, despite a damaged brake line that left a cloud of oil trailing on the final lap. Spectators in those early days easily recall the fearsome sight of the red and black Maserati roaring down Franklin Street. The memories of the sound and smell as well as the sight linger still. In 1951, Weaver again won the Seneca Cup, beating John Fitch in a Ferrari. Fitch called the Maserati "a phenomenal car." Later in the day, Weaver won the Queen Catharine Cup race in a LeMans Jowett Javelin Jupiter. In 1953 at the new "middle" course, Weaver led the race in his trusty Maserati for five laps before a connecting rod put him out. In 1955, Weaver bravely started the race despite broken bones, but shortly pulled off. The Maserati had rolled off the lift at the Atlantic station in the village, running over Weaver's foot. Weaver bought a pair of Maserati 4CLT from Reg Parnell some time in 1952. Weaver intended to campaign them in Formula Libre events and Hill Climbs. He used one of the 4CLTs extensively the other was either run sparingly or not at all. At the permanent circuit in 1956, Weaver became the first four-time winner in Watkins Glen history, winning the Seneca Cup in a 1948 4CLT Maserati. Weaver was a good driver and a genius as a mechanic, giving the Maserati new life for each event. The 4.8-liter Maserati RI was one of four built at the Maserati factory in 1936. One of the cars is still owned by his widow.