Born on this day (24th - May)

John Bolster

1910 - 1984

Hannu Olavi Mikkola



Guido Pardini

1953 - 2007

Lamberto Leoni


Philip Verellen

1962 - 2002

Ivan Capelli


Ricky Craven


Died on this day (24th - May)

Claude Loraine Barrow

1873 - 1903

Albert Guyot

1881 - 1947

Herbert Müller

1940 - 1981

Dries van der Lof

1919 - 1990

Hitoshi Ogawa

1956 - 1992

Alfonso Garcia de Vinuesa

1958 - 1997

Hurley Haywood
Hurley Haywood

4 / 5 / 1948

Hurley Haywood is one of the most accomplished race drivers in the World. His list of records and achievements is second to none in motorsports. It would require a book to do justice to Haywood's success; here is a short list: Two-time IMSA GT Champion, TransAm Champion, Supercar Champion, five-time winner of the Daytona 24 hours, three-time winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans, two-time winner of Sebring 12 hour, all-time winner of Endurance Classics: 10 wins at Daytona, Le Mans and Sebring, only driver to repeat as winner of both Daytona and Le Mans in the same year, three-time IROC participant, Florida Sports Hall of Fame, and a lot more.

Hurley Haywood was the first winner of the first IMSA Camel GT race held in Danville, Michigan. Driving with the late Peter Gregg, they won in their nearly stock Porsche 914/6 beating Dave Heinz on his powerful Chevrolet Corvette for the overall. From that moment, their success became quite regular and they were the first Camel GT Champions ever.