Born on this day (22nd - May)

Gus Schrader

1895 - 1941

Alex von Falkenhausen

1907 - 1989

Joe Barzda

1915 - 1993

Sergio Mantovani

1929 - 2001

Bobby Johns


Pedro Diniz


Died on this day (22nd - May)

1881 - 1913

Ernie Triplett
Ernie Triplett

? / ? / 1906
4 / 3 / 1934
Triplett was a popular Indy 500 racing figure for several years. Drove at the Brickyard five times with a best finish of 7th in 1931. At El Centro in 1934 Ernie Triplett came out of retirement for a comeback effort. On the 7th lap a car stalled in the groove. Swede Smith hit the car and did a slow roll. Hap Hafferly, Swede's pit hand went to the rescue. He ran in front of Triplett who swerved in an unsuccessful attempt to miss him. Triplett hit Smith's machine and within hours Smith, and Hafferly were dead. triplett sucumbed to his injuries teh next day. Even more happened in the aftermath, notably the infamous incident where one of Randolph Hearst's photographers burst in on Triplett's funeral and took photos of Triplett's widow and children and Triplett's body in the coffin before leaving the church followed by some drivers who chased him down, roughed him up and smashed his camera.