Daniel Musso

Daniel Musso


In 1939 he led the Gran Premio Argentino on the first day. Second in the 1939 Gran Premio Extraordinario behind the Galvez brothers.

In 1940 he arrived at the Mile Milas on 190.74 points in the Argentine Championship behind Fangio with 286.11. With 96.56 points at stake, Musso could overtake Fangio in the stadings. Unfortunately Musso went out having led the first stage.

Second in 1941 behind Fangio in the Gran Premio Internacional del Norte. On the 28th of April 1947: Daniel Musso with Domingo Sanguinetti did the trip from Buenos Aires to Chile, a distance of 2,874 kilometers in 33 hours and 6 minutes. They beat all the records for crossing the mountains that Emilio Karstulovic had set in 1943 in 5h.57m, Musso did in 5h. 33m

In March of 1949 he won a Turismo Carretera race in his Ford at San Rafael (Mendoza) with an average speed of 118.304 Km/h.

He drove in the 1954 Carrera Panamericana with Alejandro Navarro in a Ford finishing 64th overall.


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