Born on this day (22nd - May)

Gus Schrader

1895 - 1941

Alex von Falkenhausen

1907 - 1989

Joe Barzda

1915 - 1993

Sergio Mantovani

1929 - 2001

Bobby Johns


Pedro Diniz


Died on this day (22nd - May)

1881 - 1913

Klaas Zwart

19 / 3 / 1951
Klaas Zwart is the owner of Ascari who manufacture sports cars. He is more than a little familiar with performance cars, having raced a TVR Tuscan with John Kent back in 1990/91. His main business is the oil industry where he founded Petroline in 1980. Consistent front runner in the EuroBOSS Championship with his ex Berger, Ascari Benetton Judd V10. He won the Championship in 2003 and finished second in 2004. Zwart raced one of his Ascari KZ1's in the Spanish GT race in Jamara. Based on Formula 1 technology and engineering, the Ascari KZ1 is an all carbon fibre sports car. He crossed the line in fourth place in its first race, improving to third place in the second.