Born on this day (22nd - May)

Gus Schrader

1895 - 1941

Alex von Falkenhausen

1907 - 1989

Joe Barzda

1915 - 1993

Sergio Mantovani

1929 - 2001

Bobby Johns


Pedro Diniz


Died on this day (22nd - May)

1881 - 1913

Kenny Brack
Kenny Brack

21 / 3 / 1966
He was IRL champion in 1998 and won the Indianapolis 500 in 1999, in 2000 he switched to the CART circuit, finishing as runner-up in 2001, but came back to IRL on 2003. In the final race at Texas Motor Speedway he suffered a serious crash that almost cost him his legs. Kenny Brack's car went airborne at 220 mph and smashed into the chain-link catch fence. The impact reduced his car to a smoldering, unrecognizable hunk of twisted metal and splintered carbon fiber. He had eight major surgeries since the October 2003 crash at Texas Motor Speedway. Fans covered their eyes. Track officials turned away from the monitors. Everyone braced for the worst. Brack survived, but barely. After recovering from his injuries, he raced in the 2005 Indianapolis 500, replacing an injured Buddy Rice who effectively replaced him in the 2004 race, although this appears likely to be his final race.