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George Clark
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22 / 3 / 1890
17 / 10 / 1978
"Texas" George Clark started racing in the Southwest in 1912 and later raced at Indianapolis and finished tenth in the 1913 race

"Texas" George Clark was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and started racing in the Southwest in 1912. He raced in AAA and IMCA sanctioned events. IMCA, the International Motor Contest Association was an organisation that put on races, more as a show that an actual competition. IMCA travelled around the USA and Canada organising events at State Fairs.

He drove a Mercedes in the 1912 Elgin Trophy but crashed on lap 5. He did take 5th in the Vanderbilt Cup.

In 1913 raced at Indianapolis finishing tenth but the following year failed to qualify. In August of 1914 he finished 5th in a 50 mile race in Galveston.

In 1915 he did a couple of raecs, failing to finish either.

In July 1916 he drove a Case at the West Side Speedway in an IMCA event. His car was the one in which Bob Burman had been killed earlier in the year in the Vanderbilt Cup when he was leading by five miles.

George Clark was listed as the Champion of Dixie and there was a degree of bad blood between him and “Wild Bill” Endicott. Acusations had been made of unfair tactics in a race earlier in the year and they were looking to use this meeting to settle their differences. Probably more promotional hype than an actual feud. Never the less Clark took victory in the feature race, a 25 lap affair and took the $2000 first prize.

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