Born on this day (23rd - May)

Ernst Klodwig

1903 - 1973

Joe James

1925 - 1952

Jim Mallory

1935 - 1972

Gerard Larrousse


Wally Dallenbach Jr


Didier Cottaz


Laurent Aiello


Bryan Herta


Rubens Barrichello


Died on this day (23rd - May)

Luigi Arcangeli

1902 - 1931

Ernst Henne

1904 - 2005

Vittorio Stanguellini
Vittorio Stanguellini

24 / 3 / 1910
4 / 12 / 1981
Stanguellini began preparing cars in 1933 and gained notoriety with his uprated Fiat Balilla and Topolino's. However, the Second World War forced him to curtail his racing activities from 1940 until civility was restored in 1946. Within twelve months of hostilities ending, Stanguellini was supplying hot Fiat-based 1100 twin cam engines and by 1950, began producing his famous dual overhead camshaft 750 motor. It bore little trace of its mainstream ancestry and became extensively used in both sports and single seater racing cars wearing the distinctive Stanguellini badge. Vittorio Stanguellini had many business interests, he ran Modenas largest Fiat dealership, constructed hydraulic dynamometers and fabricated truck bodies alongside his broad range of Abarth-rivalling speed equipment. But he was most famous for motor racing and such was the success of his little firm, Stanguellini soon earned the sobriquet, Mago di Modena. Ably assisted by his right-hand man, Sporting Director Adolfo Bedoni, the two were instrumental in the creation of what became the worlds best Formula 1 feeder series.