Born on this day (23rd - May)

Ernst Klodwig

1903 - 1973

Joe James

1925 - 1952

Jim Mallory

1935 - 1972

Gerard Larrousse


Wally Dallenbach Jr


Didier Cottaz


Laurent Aiello


Bryan Herta


Rubens Barrichello


Died on this day (23rd - May)

Luigi Arcangeli

1902 - 1931

Ernst Henne

1904 - 2005

Eugene Martin
Eugene Martin

24 / 3 / 1915

Martin had a broad engineering background and when he began racing a BMW/Frazer-Nash in the late forties he soon modified it extensively, subsequently winning races at Angouleme and the GP of Lyons in 1947. The latter victory put him in demand, and he briefly tried the GTA Arsenal before racing the Jicey during 1948-49. Invited to join Talbot for 1950, Martin crashed in only his second race for the team at Berne and was seriously injured, prompting his temporary retirement. He was to reappear occasionally, having acquired the Jicey, and drove a works Gordini at the 1954 Pau GP, which was to be his final race and unfortunately ended in a crash. He then concentrated on his new role as technical director of the Salmson company, whose machines were to bear a marked resemblance to the Martin cars Eugene had briefly marketed in 1952-53.

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