Born on this day (23rd - May)

Ernst Klodwig

1903 - 1973

Joe James

1925 - 1952

Jim Mallory

1935 - 1972

Gerard Larrousse


Wally Dallenbach Jr


Didier Cottaz


Laurent Aiello


Bryan Herta


Rubens Barrichello


Died on this day (23rd - May)

Luigi Arcangeli

1902 - 1931

Ernst Henne

1904 - 2005

Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy

24 / 3 / 1938
The most successfull driver in the history of the NASCAR West Series, with 54 victories. A native of California's Central Valley, he was well known for the Dodge he drove, which was usually purple in color. In over 60 plus years, no one has won as many times in Late Model Stock Car Racing as Jack McCoy. Jack won the 1966 and 1973 NASCAR titles, he finished ten times in the top ten in final championship points from 1965 thru 1974 and did it with flair and style. Jack also built up one of the top racing tire and parts businesses in the country. He did the Cannonball Run in 1975 with his wife Peggy and Gary Johnson in a 1973 Chevrolet pickup. They finished second in a time of 37 hours, 50 minutes at an average speed on 76.7 mph. Runnin steady, that was the secret. Jack McCoy did what youre supposed to do in the Cannonball, he ran at 90 to 95 mph, chose a quick and efficient route, stayed our of trouble and made rapid refueling stops to blow off a lot of competitors who had 20- to 50-mph advantages in top speed. McCoy was the last to leave the Red Ball Garage, a few minutes after midnight, and eased through the deserted streets of New York and the open expanses of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, gobbling up time. Co-driving with fellow racer Gary Johnson while his wife Peggy navigated and watched for cops, McCoy made a nearly perfect run.