Born on this day (25th - March)

Washington Roebling

1881 - 1912

Karl von Waldthausen

1907 - 1933

1911 - 1988

Breno Fornari


Don Freeland

1925 - 2007

Fritz d'Orey


Tom Weickardt


Butch Lindley

1948 - 1990

Giniel de Villiers


Danica Sue Patrick


Died on this day (25th - March)

Billy Cotton

1899 - 1969

Juan Gaudino

1893 - 1975

Pierre Dieudonné
Pierre Dieudonné

24 / 3 / 1947
Sporting Director of ORECA. A successful driver for many years in Eurpean Touring Cars and Sportscars, as well as being a Motoring Journalist, Pierre Dieudonné was introduced to ORECA when Mazdaspeed asked de Chaunac's organisation to assist in their Le Mans and Sport-Prototypes World Championship's entries in 1989. Two years later, in June 1991, Team ORECA managed Mazda's famous victory at Le Mans, the first and only such success by a Japanese manufacturer. Gradually stepping from the cockpit into a management role, Pierre has stayed close to ORECA since then, using his vast experience and solid background to fulfill many tasks. He has been Sporting Director since the start of the Chrysler Viper Team ORECA in 1996.