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Luigi Castelbarco
Luigi Castelbarco
Pindemote Rezzonico Conte di

5 / 4 / 1909
2 / 2 / 1994
Luigi Rezzonico Pindemonte, Conte di Castelbarco raced Maserati Voiturettes in the mid and late 30s with Count Lurani.

Born Luigi Rezzonico Pindemonte, Conte di Castelbarco, he aslo had a brother, Carlo, who raced and was involved in the infamous crash at Monza in the Grand Prix of 1933.

Luigi was born in Milan and raced Maserati Voiturettes in the mid and late 30s. He pooled resources with Count Lurani to help spread the cost of racing. They bought two small vans which they used for transpotation and support, the first time this sort of thing had been done by a private team in Italy.

Luigi had a single-seater while Lurani had a two-seater Maserati. They went their seperate ways in 1935 as Castelbarco wanted to develop his Maserati with independent front suspension and could not commit to a full racing season.

In 1948, along with Giuseppe Benelli of motorcycle fame and Pier Giuseppe Beretta of gun fame, Luigi planned to build a small saloon car called the BBC. Three prototypes were built though the design never made it into production. One of the prototypes is still in the Beretta gun factory in northern Italy near Lake Garda.

He died in Milan 1994.


Voiturette results

  • 1934: 3 AVUS  / 1 Eifel / 6 Swiss GP / 5 (heat) Biella GP
  • 1935: 7 (heat) Biella GP / 2 Biella
  • 1937: DNF Tripoli GP
  • 1939: 10 Tripoli