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Parker Johnstone
Parker Johnstone

27 / 3 / 1961
Before arriving in CART in 1994 with the Comptech Honda team, Parker Johnstone led the driving duties that landed Acura many IMSA race wins and championships from the late 1980s to 1993. A resident originally from Redmond, OR, he began racing in autocrosses in his 428 Cobra Jet Mustang. He raced amatuer Super-Vee in North California. He later competed in the IMSA Renault Cup. A series based on the Renault Alliance. He nearly won the championship in his first season. His second season of the Renault Cup saw him take four of the five races and the championship. Johnstone then joined the Comptech Team racing Acura Integras. In IMSA's International Sedan series Johnstone won two championships. Through five national racing campaigns he had scored three championships and two runner-up titles. For the 1991 IMSA Camel GT season Acura moved up to the Camel GT Lights division. In their debut GT Lights season the Comptech Acura team, with Johnstone driving, scored eight wins in 14 events, 12 pole positions, won the Manufacturers Championship and the Driver's Championship. They took wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona, West Palm Beach, Miami, Road Atlanta, Topeka, Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, and Del Mar. The remainder of his IMSA GT Lights career ended in the same manner in which it started, but for 1994 the Comptech team took on their greatest challenge - CART. As with any first year engine program and the first season with Honda was a giant learning curve. In '94 and '95, Parker probably put in as many miles as anyone on the circuit, but often they were miles on a deserted race track, like Texas International Speedway, where they haven't held a race for years. doing grueling development work on the Honda racing engine to bring it up to the competitive level with the Ilmor-Mercedes and Ford-Cosworth engines. When Johnstone stopped racing in CART after the 1997 season he managed a very emotional podium finish at Michigan International Speedway in a 500 mile event. That was the highlight of his CART career