Born on this day (25th - March)

Washington Roebling

1881 - 1912

Karl von Waldthausen

1907 - 1933

1911 - 1988

Breno Fornari


Don Freeland

1925 - 2007

Fritz d'Orey


Tom Weickardt


Butch Lindley

1948 - 1990

Giniel de Villiers


Danica Sue Patrick


Died on this day (25th - March)

Billy Cotton

1899 - 1969

Juan Gaudino

1893 - 1975

Wim Eyckmans
Wim Eyckmans

23 / 3 / 1973
Like most serious drivers, Wim began his career in karting. It soon appeared that he has the necessary talent and strong character which is proved true by good results. After some karting seasons, he moved to formula racing. From 1991 until 1993, Wim competed in the Benelux, Nations Cup and Euro cup Opel GM Lotus Championships. From 1994 until 1995, Wim took part in the International F3000 Championship. In 1997, he came to the USA to do an IRL test on an oval track with Thomas Knapp. He was very impressed of the American way of racing, that Wim decided to stay in the USA. In 1998, he participated in the Indy Lights Championship, to do some experience on oval tracks to prepare himself for his participation in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis in 1999 with team Cheever. In 2003 Wim moved for the first time to prototype racing. He participated with the Courage LMP 675 in the 1000 km of Le Mans; with this car he won the LMP 675 category and finished 4th in general. This means that the Courage LMP 675 and Wim are qualified for the 24 hours of Le Mans 2004. 2004 Wim participated with the Paul Belmondo racing in the 1000 km of Spa, he finished 8th in general and 2nd in their category.