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Cal Niday

1916 - 1988

Hugh Dibley


Jerry Karl

1941 - 2008

Dale Earnhardt

1957 - 2001

Chad Little


Marcel Albers

1967 - 1992

Ryan Sharp


Died on this day (29th - April)

Baron Pierre de Crawhez

1874 - 1925

Theo Helfrich

1913 - 1978

Bob Akin

1936 - 2002

Rob Walker

1917 - 2002

Chuck Daigh

1923 - 2008

Michel Neugarten
Michel Neugarten

10 / 4 / 1955
Born in Bruxelles Neugarten was a successful GT driver winning the GT2 class at Le Mans in 1997 crossing the line with only three available gears!

Neugarten started racing in the 1980s and participated briefly in British F3000 before concentrating on sports cars. Some of the highlights of his career included wining the Venturi Trophy in 1994, the SuperSport Trophy in 1995 and his class win at le Mans in the Elf Haberthur Racing Porsche 911 GT2 sharing the driving with Guy Martinolle and Jean-Claude Lagniez

He had a chance meeting with Luc Besson the French film director, writer and producer. Besson asked him to help with driving on a number of films and commercials inlcuing Ronin (1998), The Transporter (2002) and Transporter 3 (2008). He also acted as technical advisor on the filming of Michel Vaillant and was responsible for selecting the cars and drivers.