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Raymond Bunn
Raymond Bunn
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14 / 4 / 1920

Raymond “Hully” Bunn of Bristol, CT, built his first car, a ’37 Ford Coupe, in 1949.

He started racing at the Plainville Stadium in Conneticut and was soon was competing all over New England.

Initially driving his own cars he later drove for other owners, including Johnny Ross, John Melnick, and Steve Danish.

Moving futher afield he started racing in Florida and Ohio, as well as down the East coast into Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where he continued to win on a regular basis.

Hully enjoyed his racing and made a decent living. Cars could be built for a little as $1000, and with feature races paying between $300 and $1000, drivers could really make a living.

Although he rarely travelled to Riverside Park Speedway, he did take a win on the tough 1/5 mile asphalt in April 1950.

In 1951 Bunn won the Inaugural Race of Champions, a 100 mile race at Langhorne with Dick Egan driving relief. There were over 100 competitors! He returned to Langhorne in the spring of 1951, where he won again against a field of 60 modifieds. Hully also won the inaugural race at Lebanon Valley.

Bunn deceided to retire in 1965 after a crash at Lebanon Valley damaged his shoulder. By now he had a family and a business to run and a little prudence seemed appropriate.

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