Born on this day (29th - April)

Cal Niday

1916 - 1988

Hugh Dibley


Jerry Karl

1941 - 2008

Dale Earnhardt

1957 - 2001

Chad Little


Marcel Albers

1967 - 1992

Ryan Sharp


Died on this day (29th - April)

Baron Pierre de Crawhez

1874 - 1925

Theo Helfrich

1913 - 1978

Bob Akin

1936 - 2002

Rob Walker

1917 - 2002

Chuck Daigh

1923 - 2008

Luigi Piotti
Luigi Piotti

27 / 10 / 1913
19 / 4 / 1971

A businessman and part-time racer, Piotti achieved minor success in sports cars, including a class win in the 1952 Tour of Sicily in an OSCA, third place in a rather weak Targa Florio with a Lancia in 1954 and a win in the Hyeres 12 Hours the same year in a Ferrari with Trintignant.

He made his Formula 1 debut in 1955, taking seventh place in the Syracuse GP in a works Maserati 250F, before purchasing a car for the 1956 season, in which he proved hopelessly slow, especially in the Argentine GP where he continually balked faster cars, eventually colliding with Collins' Ferrari. Later he caused a furore at the Italian GP by using his car to push Moss' fuel-starved machine into the pits and thus give the Englishman a chance to win the race. Piotti plodded through the 1957 season with the Maserati, and after finding little success in an OSCA in 1958 wisely returned to a more sedate occupation.

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