Louis Aimé Trintignant

Louis Aimé Trintignant

17/5/1903 - 20/5/1933

Louis Trintignant was brother of Formula 1 driver Maurice Trintignant. He was born in Pont-St.-Esprit, France.

On the morning of the 20 may 1933, in the first session practice of the non-championship Grand Prix de Picardie. Louis Trintignant was confident in his car, a Bugatti T35C. The Bugatti was at top speed when a gendarme suddenly crossed the road. Trintignant swerved to avoid him and lost control. The car hit a kilometre-marker and rolled for 50 metres. As Trintignant was thrown out, his throat was cut by the windscreen which was glass. His body was lying on the ground by the roadside. Trintignant was killed instantly and the witnesses could do nothing for him other than cover his body with some newspapers.

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