Thomas Essery Rose-Richards

Thomas Essery Rose-Richards

6/6/1902 - 7/10/1940

Tim Rose-Richards was a Welsh GP and sports car racing driver in the 30's who died at sea in 1940.

Thomas Essery "Tim" Rose-Richards was born in Glamorgan in 1902. Tim entered Le Mans 5 times finishing in 3rd place in 1931 driving with Owen Saunders Davies., and in 1932 and 1933.

He also raced in Grand Prix finishing 4th in the 1934 Dieppe GP with a Bugatti T51, and in 1935 he took ERA R1A to third in the Eifel Voiturette GP at the Nurburgring to back up the first major European success for ERA. Mays won the event in R3A. Tim won a BRDC Gold Star in 1935.

He was a Lieutenant in the Navy and died at sea 8 miles South of Anvil Point, Dorset in 1940.

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