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Ricardo Nasi
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7 / 3 / 1902
19 / 4 / 1966
Argentine driver who raced an Alfa Romeo Type C 308/78 in national races in the late 1930s

Ricardo Nasi was an Argentine driver who raced an Alfa Romeo Type C 308/78 in national races in the late 1930s

In 1930 the world was still suffering from the effect of the Great Depression and only 12 cars came to the start line for that year's running of the 500 Millas Argentinas. The rules required that competitors completed the course within the alloted time of seven hours. Only one driver made it, Cayetano D'Amico driving a Gardner. Second across the line was Eduardo Pedrazzini in a Model A Ford and third was Ricardo Nasi in a Hudson. Both drivers completed the 500 mile course but were both out of time and thus unclassified. D'Amico himself only made it with just over 15 minutes to spare!

There is not much information about Nasi until 1937 when he won the 200 Millas de Tucuman in Argentina, driving an Alfa-Romeo 308 GP car (50017). The car had been fitted with a supercharged 3.8 litre engine from the previous 8C-35 series. The car had been bought by the Uruguayan driver Bellini Caviglia from Alfa Corse in Italy. The car arrived safely in Montevideo but was impounded by customs due to tax problems. The car was then aquired by an Argentinian lawyer, Dr. Italo De Lucca in an auction.

The car was debuted by Nasi at La Plata city, near Buenos Aires, retiring with electrical problems. He raced the car again in 1938 winning the Gran Premio de Mar del Plata in January and the Campeonato Cordobes de Velocidad in May.

Ricardo also raced a BMW 328 in the late 1930s and 1940s with modified fenders in Fueza Libre, finishing 5th in the 500 Millas Rafaela in 1939.

In 1949 he finished second in the 500 Millas de Rafaela driving Chrysler.

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