Renaud de Montaignac

Renaud de Montaignac

23/4/1851 - 2/5/1898

Motor racing's first recorded fatality.

Renaud de Montaignac de Chauvance, Marquis de Montaignac, was born in the Château de Montaignac, Egletons, Haute-Corrèze, France, he became motor racing's first driver fatality when he crashed in Marsac-Le Sault du Chevalier, near Périgueux, France.

Shortly after the start of the Course de Perigueux, de Montariol, driving a Benz, waved his friend, the Marquis de Montaignac in a Landry Bairou, to pass. As he did so he took his hand off the tiller to wave back, lost control and crashed into his friend.

Montariol was thrown clear but his mechanic suffered fatal head injuries. de Montaignac overturned his own car and though he survived long enough to admit that the incident had been all his fault, he died shortly after.


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