Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis

7/12/1903 - 18/7/1978

Brian Edmund Lewis, 2nd Baron Essendon known as Bug was a British motor-racing driver, company director, baronet, and peer.

<font face="Tahoma" size="2">Only son of first Lord Essendon, the shipping magnate, by his wife Eleanor (d.1967) daughter of R. H. Harrison of West Hartlepool.

Born in Edmonton, Middlesex . Educated at Malvern, and Pembroke College, Cambridge, he was President of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and was motoring correspondent of the News Chronicle in the late 1930s. Director of Furness Withy (the family shipping firm), Barry Aikman Travel Ltd and Godfrey Davis & Co Ltd.

He had become interested in racing at an early age but encountered great resistance from his father who set about trying to convince his son that life was a serious affair which could never be started too young.

At Cambridge, he felt that it was safe to purchase one of the most famous Aston Martins, Bunny, however word got out and he was forced to return it to the factory.

Raced Frazer Nashes in England in the 1920s. Entered a private Maserti 8CM at the Swiss Grand Prix 1935. As The Times put it in 1978:

'Along with a distinguished band that included Lord Howe, Sir Henry Birkin, and the Earl of March, later the Duke of Richmond, he was one of a bunch of titled and talented amateurs who did much for the image of British motor racing in the 1920s and 1930s, albeit mainly at the wheel of foreign cars.'

Married 1938, Mary widow of Albert Duffil, daughter of G. W. Booker of Los Angeles. Succeeded his father in the peerage and baronetcy in 1944. Died in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Member of the Bath Club, his main recreation was golf. Lived at Avenue Eglantine 5, Laussanne, Switzerland.

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