Emil Cornet

Emil Cornet


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<font face="Tahoma" size="2">A leading Belgian driver over a long period, Herbert-Elie Cornet, always called Emil, got his start as a young man racing an Amilcar and later a Type 35 Bugatti at the Chimay circuit between 1928 and 1932, placing second in the Grand Prix des Frontières in the last year. In that period he also raced in the 1930 Belgian Grand Prix (in the Bugatti). His second Belgian Grand Prix was in 1948, when he drove a Delahaye, but - as in 1930 - failed to finish.

Cornet went on to race the Ecurie Belge Veritas in F2, winning the 1949 Chimay race and placing third at Brussels, but in 1950 could do no better than 11th place at Mons, and then retired.

During his racing career he had also contested several additions of the Spa 24hr sportscar race, taking a class placing with a Chenard-Walcker back in 1928, crashing an SS Jaguar in 1936 and then, at the wheel of a little Fiat 1100, finishing second overall in 1948, and second in class in 1949.

Became "Attaché de Presse" for the Princes of Monaco after WWII

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