Désiré Boudart Boudart

Désiré Boudart Boudart


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Despite the name it would appear that Désiré Boudart was a man. A keen mechanic who helped prepare Arthur Legat's racing cars when he was in Europe.

With insufficient funds to buy a competition vehicle he set about building a machine from various parts. So in 1938 he took a Ford chassis, a 6-cylinder Steyr motore with three Solex carburetors driving through a Rosengart gearbox. The result was the Lenkin GP named after his grandfather. The war interveined and it wasnt until 1946 that the Lenkin GP appeared in competition. Apparently he only raced it once as his wife did not approve and having found out about his one foray in the Grand Prix des Frontières in Chimay, demanded that he never raced again. Despite he assurances that he wouldn't they were divorced soon after! 

He did manage a respectable 4th behind Leslie Brooke in his ex-Arthur Dobson ERA ‘R7B’ followed by Steinbach’s Alfa Romeo 8C-2900B sports car second and Maurice Adant’s Bugatti Type 35 in third.


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