Nice motor mate! Presenting Ike Eichelberger and his home built Keil-Porsche special at Virginia International Raceway in 1969.

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The Keil (German for “Wedge”) was actually very much more sophisticated than it looked. And let’s be honest. It kind of had to be! It was in point of fact, an early attempt at active aerodynamics. Based on an old Elva chassis, the entire bodywork of the Keil was hinged just in front of the dashboard.

And using a lever in the cockpit, it could be raised to 10  induce downforce for cornering (as shown above), or lowered flat to reduce drag on the straights. And, according its driver/constructor, it actually worked!



Ike drove the car in American SCCA club racing during 1969. And despite the fact that he was no ace as a driver, and admitted that the car was crying out to be allowed a fresh engine, they made a very good impression together But from the end of 1969, movable aerodynamics devices in motor racing were banned, pretty-much worldwide. And Ike was forced to put his steed out to grass. 


The chassis of the Keil still exists, and is in regular use in historic racing today. Sadly though, it’s now been re-re-bodied as a proper (and probably far more valuable) Elva, and Ike Eichelberger’s wonderfully extrovert concept has now gone before. 


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