So, a Volkswagen Beetle outbraking and overtaking a Lola T70!

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30-Apr-20/Chris Bowen/

Not, you are thinking, within the usual process boundaries that provide us with our properly ordered universe.

But the information that the driver is Emerson Fittipaldi should arouse one’s suspicions that this may not be, just yer average Beetle.


And your suspicions would not have been wasted. For what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Fitti-Fusca!

Built in 1969, and based on a purpose built racing chassis designed by future Fittipaldi F1 designer Richard Divila.

The Fitti-Fusca was powered by a unique 8-cylinder, 400bhp engine, developed from a pair of coupled Volkswagen Flat-4s.

These drove through a Porsche RSK gearbox, and the whole thing was covered with a lightweight replica Fusca bodywork (Fusca is the Brazilian nickname for a Beetle).

All it needed for guaranteed success was a coat of orange paint. So they painted it orange.

Sports car racing was Brazil’s principle domestic racing series at the time, and the smart money was usually lashed-out on Lolas, Ford GT40s, Alfa Romeo T33s and the like.

But Divila and the Fittipaldi brothers liked to do things their own way, and it was always going to be appreciated.

Even if only for the lasting legacy of photos like this!

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