Animals in motor sport. Number 1 - Bud

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With the passing of Lewis Hamilton's Bulldog Coco, hopefully she can meet up with another Bulldog, Bud. Bud was a young bulldog who joined the first coast to coast crossing of the USA back in 1903.


Special thanks to David Fromer for bringing Bud to our attention. 


Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewall K. Crocker drove a Winton from San Francisco to New York City arriving on July 26, sixty-three days, twelve hours and thirty minutes after leaving.



Bud was actually not present when Messers Jackson and Crocker set out on May 23 but Jackson was quite keen to get a dog to come along for the ride. The opportunity came in Idaho when after leaving Caldwell early in the morning, Jackson realised he had left his coat behind. On the way they were approached by a man offering them Bud as a mascot for the sum of $15, which they duly paid.



Bud took to the experience with relish but had problems with dust in his eyes so a pair of goggles were acquired. At the end of the trip, Bud retired to live out his days at the Jacksons' home in Vermont.

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