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The signs that point to another season of electric chaos


The Santiago E-Prix gave the best demonstration yet of where the current Formula E teams rank in the pecking order. While BMW looks strong, other teams haven't quite yet shown their true potential read more

How the new electric series with planet-changing aims will work


The new off-road electric race series from the people who brought you Formula E has no less an aim than saving the world's most at-risk habitats. Here's how things are set to get underway in 2021 read more

The miracle turnaround from a major rules bust-up


In 2018-19, Formula E had its first major argument over its technical rules with the Nissan e.dams twin-motor powertrain saga. That left the team with little time to develop a new package - but the early signs suggest it has overcome the odds read more

The clues that point to Porsche and Mercedes' FE positioning


One of the storylines to follow in the upcoming Formula E season will cover the fortunes of motorsport giants Mercedes and Porsche, as with profile comes pressure. Here's how each squad got on against their new rivals in pre-season testing read more

The pioneer's successor charged with making FE grow up


There's been a change on high at Formula E ahead of 2019/20, with ex-Manchester United and Los Angeles Rams executive Jamie Reigle becoming Alejandro Agag's successor as CEO. Autosport sat down for a world-first interview with the new boss read more

The surprising 'winner' from Formula E testing


Getting a read on Formula E test pace is notoriously hard but examining the short and long-run data as well as 'simulated' races suggests one manufacturer has gone from being on the backfoot to holding an early advantage for 2019/20 read more

The key player to lead Jaguar away from its "dark moments"


Jaguar may be one of motorsport's most famous brands, but its results in Formula 1 and Formula E have been few and far between. But it has been making progress in the latter, and has just locked down a key part of its future read more

The best and worst of the Formula E season


From standout single-race performances to underrated stars, plus one team's major underperformance, our reporters have their say on the highs and lows of the 2018/19 Formula E season read more

The top 10 Formula E drivers of 2018/19


Now the dust has settled on a chaotic 2018/19 Formula E campaign, we rate the leading players from this season's grid read more

The "big relief" that soothed a motorsport giant


A year ago one particular ABB FIA Formula E manufacturer had a minor presence on the grid. Now, it's one of the championship's major players. Here's how this famous motorsport marque adapted to life in its new surroundings read more

Formula E now has the stories it was missing


Jean-Eric Vergne's Monaco victory bought an end to Formula E's streak of eight different winners in eight races but the end of that unpredictable run allows a variety of other storylines a chance in the spotlight as the 2018/19 season enters its conclusion read more

Formula E's unsolvable problem


There were times during last weekend's Paris E-Prix where the wet-weather-induced crashfest all felt a bit too much. But there is little Formula E can do to solve a problem actually caused by one of its better ideas read more

The threat to Formula E's greatest strength


Formula E has had six races this season, and none have disappointed thanks to an ideal format that promotes close racing. But one factor threatens to sour the show unless the FIA clamps down on it read more

Formula E's new superstar has emerged


Missing the season-opener for contractual reasons and then being taken out at the start of round two isn't a great way to start a new career chapter. But now Formula E's latest Formula 1 convert star has emerged with a vengeance read more

The tech gains that have transformed Formula E


Formula E's mid-race car-swapping caused the purists to wince, and the switch to the faster and more efficient Gen2 demonstrates a change that has transformed the series read more

Why complaints about Verstappen's punishment are wrong


The implication that attending a Formula E race is a 'punishment' for a misbehaving Formula 1 driver prompted plenty of derision, but there was logic and value to Max Verstappen's day with the Marrakech stewards read more

Vergne "trying to survive" Formula E damage in da Costa delay


Jean-Eric Vergne says he was "trying to survive" the Formula E Santiago E-Prix after sustaining front-left bodywork damage, after which he delayed DS Techeetah team-mate Antonio Felix da Costa read more

Buemi: Broken steering wheel paddle caused Santiago Formula E penalty


Nissan e.dams' Sebastien Buemi says a broken steering wheel regen paddle caused his illegal power spike in Formula E's Santiago E-Prix, which cost him his first points finish of 2019-20 read more

Massa: Venturi needs efficiency after Formula E team-mate clash


Felipe Massa has called on his Venturi Formula E outfit to 'work more efficiently' to resolve intra-team battles after he collided with team-mate Edoardo Mortara in the Santiago E-Prix read more

Podcast: A last lap pass and temperature drama in Chile


BMW Andretti driver Maximilian Guenther claimed a maiden Formula E victory in a frantic Santiago race, one year on from being dropped by Dragon Racing after the same round read more