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Filming Le Mans, the movie

This scaffolding afflicted Porsche 917 was used in the filming of Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” film in 1970. Similar contraptions were also strapped to the front, often with an intrepid cameraman as an integral part of the assembly. read on

George Eyston

When George Eyston wound down his circuit racing activities in the early 1930s, to concentrate more fully on automotive record breaking, he was to become, very likely, the most prodigious breaker of said records that the world of individually contained, mechanised conveyances, has ever seen. read on

Risky Business!

We’re willing to bet that these chaps have not filled in a risk-assessment report in accordance with, and as recommended by, accepted EU guidelines. Their identities appear shrouded in secrecy, although we believe that at least one of them may later have become a well known Formula 1 driver, and we also understand that the pair of them may be French. Which, frankly, should be all the explanation that you need. read on

Gilles Villeneuve in the Ferrari 312B3T5 in 1980

After winning the World Championship with Jody Scheckter and their T4 model in 1979, Ferrari found themselves badly wrong-footed by the advances in ground-effect technology, when they introduced the T5 version for 1980. It would be Ferrari’s worst World Championship season ever. Even their 2020 efforts were not as bad! read on




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