Friday Chaps

In memory of Chris Bowen.

Until the arrival of the Alonso boy, this chap was the most successful Spanish Formula One driver.

Alfonso Antonio Vicente Eduardo Angel Blas Francisco de Borja Cabeza de Vaca y Leighton, Marquese de Portago (and if you don’t know what Cabeza de Vaca means, it’s well worth looking it up).

Count Louis Zborowski in Chitty-Bang-Bang

Our top chap this week is Count Louis Zborowski in Chitty-Bang-Bang (oh yes!) at Brooklands in 1921. It’s fashionable now for sons of racers to take up the old-man’s trade. But Louis Zborowski may well have been the first.

Felice “The Pirate” Bonetto

Ever since we started this merry carnival of motorsporting the dedicated staff here at HR Central, have been tireless in their quest to procure an example of one, very specific, photograph for your personal delectation.

George Eyston

When George Eyston wound down his circuit racing activities in the early 1930s, to concentrate more fully on automotive record breaking, he was to become, very likely, the most prodigious breaker of said records that the world of individually contained, mechanised conveyances, has ever seen.

Archie Scott-Brown

Born in Paisley, England, May 13, 1927 William Archibald "Archie" Scott Brown was born without shinbones, his feet were clubbed and reversed and his right hand was missing. His mother had contracted German Measles during pregnancy and his physical problems stemmed from this. A number of painful operations enabled him to lead a normal life. though he never grew over 5'0" tall. Not the ideal start for a racing driver however read on...!


Friday Chaps was started by the late Chris Bowen. Over the past few years we worked with Chris to add and contibute to the Friday Chaps stories.
Chris started in F1 with Brabham in 1984 before moving on to Benetton, McLaren, Ligier, Arrows, Toyota, Red Bull, Honda, Brawn GP and in 2010 to Mercedes AMG Petronas.
Sadly Chris passed away suddenly in 2020. His knowledge and story telling ability were of the highest order and we have decided to continue his theme of Friday Chaps in his memory. We will republish some of his stories and observations and add to them hopefully doing justice to the standards he set!



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