Ian Raby

22/9/1921 - 7/11/1967

Ian Raby
Raby started racing in 500cc F3 before graduating to F1 and sports cars. Crashed at Zandvoort in July of 1967 and succumbed to his injuries at the start of November. Ian Raby died 55 years ago, he was 46

Raby was a garage owner from Brighton, who began racing with a homemade special, which he christened 'Puddle Jumper', in the early fifties in 500cc Formula 3. However he became really competitive when he switched to a Cooper in 1956. He then switched to sportscar racing with Cooper and Elva cars, sharing a Cooper with Jack Brabham in the 1957 Le Mans 24 Hours.

He returned to single-seaters in 1959 with both a Cooper and a Hume-Climax, gaining success Formula Libre races. Before entering the highly competetive world of Formula Junior in 1961-62. He then bought the ex-Keith Greene Gilby-BRM and competed in F1 races in 1963. He came third at Vallelunga in the Rome GP, but precious little else, and in 1964-65 he switched to a Brabham BT3, still without success.

In 1966, with the introduction of the 3 litre formula, Raby entered F2 with a Brabham BT14-Cosworth. He came fourth at the Eifelrennen before his season ended with a big crash at Brands Hatch.

Despite his age, Ian undertook a full season of Formula 2 with a Lotus-engined Brabham in 1967, gaining the occasional top-six finish. Then at the end of July a serious crash at Zandvoort left him hospitalised with multiple injuries to which, he succumbed at the start of November.


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