Lewis Jackson
0/0/0 - 18/11/1916

Lewis Jackson was the first American to die in an international Grand Prix. He lost control of his Marmon and crashed into a tree on the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, killing himself and three spectators.

Lewis Jackson died 105 years ago, he was 1916


On the 16th November Lewis Jackson drove his Marmon in the Vanderbilt Cup around the street course in Santa Monica, California. He retired after 9 laps when his clutch failed.

Two days later was driving in his first American Grand Prize on the same track when he became the first American to die in an international Grand Prix. Three spectators were also killed when he lost control and wrapped his Marmon around a tree and a concession stand on the Palisades. Jackson apparently was not responsible for the accident, but his fatal crash put an end to Grand Prix racing on street circuits in the U.S. for many years. Howdey Wilcox and John Aitken went on to win the race in a Peugeot.

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